Areas of Interventions

Food security

Help Channel Burundi projects are geared towards creating an environment conducive to sustainable development by improving food security at the household and community level. A majority of Burundian households provide for themselves through subsistence farming and are therefore extremely vulnerable to volatile conditions. Through immediate food aid to those in crisis, the development of infrastructure projects that promote longer-term food security, and environmental education and interventions that encourage sustainable practices, Help Channel Burundi is able to address both immediate and long-term food security needs.


Agriculture is the main stay of Burundi’s economy and engages more than 80 percent of the active population, which represents 7.8 million people. However, in spite of its significant importance to the national economy, agricultural production is often affected by limited access to land, depletion of soil fertility, and inadequate agriculture extension services for rural farmers. Help Channel Burundi works to promote resiliency among rural farmers and build their capacities to move from subsistence farming to commercial farming through agricultural best practices, skill building, and agribusiness development.

Child Centered Community Development

Help Channel Burundi understands that sustainable development cannot be achieved unless the needs of children are addressed in development projects. Burundi has a young population with more than 46 percent of Burundians under the age of 15. We place special focus on working with the youth to promote community development and empower rural families to actively participate in activities designed to move them out of poverty. Working with Parents Teacher Associations (PTAs), Help Channel Burundi promotes access to quality primary education by providing school materials and developing the capacity of teachers and school leaders to create stimulating learning environments. We also put a special emphasis on out-of school youth through access to technical vocational education and agribusiness projects which qualifies them to become self sufficient and autonomous. Overall, Help Channel Burundi supports communities to develop structures and skills needed to provide a safe and healthy environment for child development.