HCB Empowers Youth in CIBITOKE Province through Modern Rabbit Breeding

HCB, in collaboration with BMZ and Kindernothilfe , has launched an empowering initiative in CIBITOKE province. They are supporting 20 young individuals from four collines(GASENYI, MURAMBI, GABIRO-RUVYAGIRA, and MUNYIKA) by providing them with resources and comprehensive training in modern rabbit breeding.

The program aims to stimulate economic development and create sustainable livelihoods for the youth. Participants received medicine starter kits, four modern 300-cage hutches, and 100 rabbits to start their businesses. They also completed a two-month training program which equipped them with necessary skills. The initiative taps into the lucrative rabbit breeding industry, offering opportunities for self-sufficiency and economic growth. HCB’s investment in the youth of CIBITOKE province showcases their commitment to community development and empowerment.