Our Core values

We rely on 5 values to implement our vision.

Beneficiary’s selection has to be done on the basis of need criteria only without any social, ethnic, religious regional or gender belonging consideration. During the project elaboration, there must be a special attention in order to avoid whatever globalization.


Help Channel Burundi encourages its member and staff to live an individual professional life without any disapproval. In what we do and the way we do it, we have to keep our promises, having a strong character while keeping humility behaviour.

Accountability refers to the responsibility of the staff members of Help Channel Burundi staff members towards the organization. It includes a participative approach and the duty of reporting to all stakeholders.


Acceptance of the other in his differences especially his opinion and his way of living.


Being sensitive to misery and vulnerable condition of the other. Driven by that pity, act according to the possibilities in order to improve his condition.