Training on modern beekeeping techniques for beneficiaries of the Pro Act2 project.

As part of its Pro Act project, with  the help of FAO, Help Channel Burundi organized a training session on modern techniques of beekeeping in MAKAMBA province from 1th to 5th October 2018.

The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of representatives of farmers’ organizations (POs) and women’s organizations (FA) in modern beekeeping.In fact, the participants learned what a bee population represents, the life of a colony, the multiplication of colonies, the different elements of a modern hive, improved techniques for combating bee enemies, honey harvesting techniques etc.


In conclusion, the participants were very satisfied with the training and warmly thank Help Channel Burundi who trained them on the modern techniques of beekeeping and they promised to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired of this training in their daily life of beekeeping.