On 25/09/2018 and 16/10/2018, as part of its “Pro act2” project, help channel Burundi in collaboration with the FAO organized an activity that they called “Seed Fairs” in the Makamba province respectively in the communes of Kayogoro and giharo.

 The beneficiaries of this fair were 750 households from the Kayogoro commune and 689 from Giharo commune and the most vulnerable households in these communes.

Indeed help channel Burundi is concerned about the agricultural production of the population, it is within this framework that HCB has distributed these seeds to be able to help the households of the returnees who do not have enough means to buy the seeds for the growing season 2019 Note that each household received 20kg of beans and 2hours

In conclusion, the beneficiaries are very happy with the help they have received and warmly thank help Channel Burundi and FAO.


Training on modern beekeeping techniques for beneficiaries of the Pro Act2 project.

As part of its Pro Act project, with  the help of FAO, Help Channel Burundi organized a training session on modern techniques of beekeeping in MAKAMBA province from 1th to 5th October 2018.

The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of representatives of farmers’ organizations (POs) and women’s organizations (FA) in modern beekeeping.In fact, the participants learned what a bee population represents, the life of a colony, the multiplication of colonies, the different elements of a modern hive, improved techniques for combating bee enemies, honey harvesting techniques etc.


In conclusion, the participants were very satisfied with the training and warmly thank Help Channel Burundi who trained them on the modern techniques of beekeeping and they promised to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired of this training in their daily life of beekeeping.



a kitchen garden managed by a beneficiary member of a peasant organization (OP) (Twiyunge) during the dry season
a kitchen garden managed by a beneficiary member of a peasant organization (OP) (Twiyunge) during the dry season

     A kitchen garden managed by a beneficiary member of a farmer’s organization (OP)    (Twiyunge) in Giharo during the dry season.

Staff training workshop on the project cycle and monitoring evaluation


In order to strengthen the capacity of its staff, Help Channel Burundi organized a training workshop from 30 to 31 August 2018 at the Kinindo Training Center (Swedish Mission).

The objective of this workshop was first, to improve staff capacity in project management, monitoring and evaluation ; second, to increase the level of involvement of staff members in the preparation, management and monitoring evaluation of our projects.

Our Core values

        Our Core values 
We rely on 5 values to implement our vision.

Beneficiary’s selection has to be done on the basis of need criteria only without any social, ethnic, religious regional or gender belonging consideration. During the project elaboration, there must be a special attention in order to avoid whatever globalization.


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